Maine Pops Concert Band Suspends Winter Rehearsals as Omicron Variant Remains

The Maine Pops Concert Band has suspended in-person band rehearsals until further notice because of the continuing case numbers involving the Omicron variant to COVID-19.

The Maine Pops Board of Directors, after a lengthy discussion on January 5 during its monthly teleconference call, decided that in best interest of safety to its members, it would delay the start of the 2022 Winter-Spring rehearsal schedule. The board will meet again on February 9 to reassess the issue with the hopes of resuming in-person rehearsals in February.

The band was scheduled to resume rehearsals on January 12 at 7 p.m. at the Mountainside Community Church in Falmouth.

Although the band has required that all members be vaccinated and receive booster shots, the more contagious Omicron variety can still cause various levels of illness to those who contract the variant. The board decided that even with the vaccinations and booster shots, they determined that the chances of contracting the omicron variant in a close music performance environment were too great.

Even though rehearsals are suspended until at least February, band president Bob Swerdlow is encouraging band members to download the spring season music now being posted on the band’s virtual library and begin rehearsing at home. Ten selections have been chosen so far for the season and all new music is now available. In addition, a few compositions – standard repertoire for our spring and summer performance – should be kept in the music folders. A formal list of “stand-by” music will be announced soon.

The Maine Pops Board asks all members to continue practicing and remain alert to schedule changes as we attempt to kick-start the spring campaign. The Maine Pops Tribune, our two Facebook social media sites, LinkedIn, and the bands webpage at will post updates and information when it becomes available.